" Save Water, Save Tree."


" Save Water, Save Tree."



Umangot is dealing with RO Systems to be I.S.O. certified Company for its Quality Management Systems and Product design, Installation and after sales Service of Commercial , Industrial R.O. water treatment plants and Domestic R.O. and water purifiers all Service by our company. We sell, install, and maintain all R.O. related Systems in the Indian local market. We have the covered reputation of being the pioneers in introducing reverse osmosis based water purification Systems in India.

Water is most important thing in the world, and water quality is the key point to everyone’s life. This is Our company 's philosophy.

Water Purifier is a well-known Organisation in the Indian corporate world and is one of the most trusted manufacturers of water purifiers in India. The brainchild of technocrats and experienced professionals, it is focused on delivering superior water purifiers for home and commercial use across India.

Our Products



Hi-Tech RO

LeveLuk K8

Hi-Tech Crystal RO

Hi-Tech NewLife

Hi-Tech Revive

Industrial RO

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100% Trusted

We all know that water is a very precious and an essential resource so our products are fully manufactured by us.

Genuine Spares

We provide original spares parts, are tested in all situations. we believe in original & authentic quality.

Environment Friendly

Due to environmental constraints and chemical contaminants, so we develop environment friendly products.

Sameday Service

Umangot is India's Leading Service Provider of Commercial & Domestic R.O.All types of Maintenance & services of Ro system.

Best Sales Award

Umangot India is awarded best sales and service dealer by water association in the year #2017.

With Copper Tank

Our Products have copper tanks that uses double purification to combine RO and UV/UF in a multistage filtration process.

Our Advantages

You have a Number of reasons to Choose Us!

Premium Quality

Innovation has been the lifeblood of UNITECH RO SYSTEM and forms not a part but its existence. UNITECH is an ISO 9001:2008 company and most of its products are tested and certified by renowned laboratories of the world such as WQA and NSF in USA. All its products also conform to CE certification.

Affordable Range

Our aim is to provide healthcare solutions at an affordable price to one and all around the world. All its products are designed to suit varied needs of customers and for different types of end usage. The entire range of products is competitively priced to provide value for money and easy reachability.

Wide Range Of Products

Our expertise in water purification industry as a triumphant treadstone, Ro has extended its brand portfolio to air purifiers, vegetable and fruit purifiers and water softeners. It thrives to achieve its larger brand goal of making the world a healthy and a happy family. With all this and more it continues its pursuit in creating many such products.

Protection Against Harmful Organism

The Environmental Protection Agency reports that 90 percent of the world's water supply is unfit for drinking without some sort of treatment. Water may contain microorganisms that can cause diarrhea, vomiting..

Removal Of Toxic Metals

In addition to microorganisms, untreated water is also a source of minerals, including copper and magnesium. While some minerals don't necessarily pose a health threat, they react with other minerals in the water and cause deposits, which may make the water unsuitable for drinking.

ISO Tested

ISO certification standards also help keep our products and services relevant. When the standards change, we change along with them.

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